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We always had fun on our outings, and had many adventures rescuing strays or dogs that were running down a street. One lunch at The Old Spaghetti Factory in Fullerton will be with me forever. On our way in to lunch, she heard a cat meowing in a tree in the parking lot.  She asked if she could take some food and water out to try to get it out of the tree. They gave us some meatballs and every stray for miles came around to eat, but Kitty was still in the tree when we came out after lunch. So, we moved my car under the tree and stood on the roof and still couldn't get it. A couple of teenagers came by and the guy was tall enough to reach it and got scratched removing kitty from the tree. The girl said it was so cute and her grandmother would take it. We exchanged phone numbers, in case Grandma didn't want it... They LOVED and kept the kitty and named her S'Ghetti. One thing I know ...Amber loved all animals.

Amber, you will be missed.

Your friend,
Cindy Faatz

  In Memory of Amber Hansen

SoCal Animal Response Team 

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