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Shirley Gelfand
A Woman of Courage and Integrity.

Shirley Gelfand served as a founding member of SCART. She was SCART's first treasurer and her organizational skills and attention to detail enabled SCART to establish a strong fiscal foundation. Shirley could be outspoken when necessary to set a record straight. She also served on the Board of Directors until 2009. Shirley devoted countless hours to SCART as she believed in the mission of educating the public in regard to the proper care of animals prior to and during a disaster. She participated in many of the SCART workshops and HSUS trainings, including pet first aid. She could be found at the registration desk making sure that all participants had appropriate paper work and records were kept in order. Shirley's devoted K9 companion Becca, a Delta Society Pet Partner and one of the first HB CERT Crisis Dogs, remained by Shirley's side during her two-year battle with cancer. We are grateful for the time Shirley gave to SCART. She left a legacy of organization and modeled how to give of oneself to her community and sharing her devotion to animals. Although there is a void where she served, she will always remain in our hearts.

SoCal Animal Response Team 

aka Surf City Animal Response Team